Monday, April 23, 2012

Got an idea!

I've wanted to post more lately but I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself at work to get some projects done and that has left me not exactly wanting to do more tech stuff when I get home. Add in a new diet I'm trying to start with my girlfriend, marginal sleep and other misc health issues and the inspiration and motivation needed to push forward on this just hasn't been there lately. I will get back on track but I need recover from everything else first. Otherwise I'm just going to burn out and I really don't want that to happen.

So in the interim I've been playing Skyrim as that's a game I've really been wanting to spend some time on and I can always use the excuse that it's research...kind of. Lol. I can say for certain that it was a muse for the background setting of the game I want to create. I was busy exploring (and dying...a lot..damned Falmer bastards...not even as a werewolf could I keep up with them) some Dwemer ruins and I couldn't help but be fascinated with the detail and beauty of the steam powered machinery. I've always liked the steampunk theme. I like seeing all of the parts exposed and moving so you see how they all work together. That's when I decided that I want my game to be totally steampunk in its art, characters, enemies, etc but instead of steam I want to use gasoline, diesel and the such. Damn near everything would have an engine to make it work. I'm thinking that the world of the game will be based on a world where everything is mechanical in nature. I'm not so focused on how the world came about as I am developing some human types of interaction among the characters in the game even though they are machines. I haven't really worked on the storyline yet so I can't say exactly how that will play out...we'll just have to wait and see as I give this more thought.

In terms of game play though I have some solid ideas of what I want. Below is the mental list I have so far:

1.) Custom weaponry. I'm not sure what the currency will be for that just yet ($$$?, experience?, points?).
2.) Highly targeted destruction of enemies. I want to play off the purely mechanical nature of the game by allowing you to disassemble your enemies piece by piece. I also want the enemies to change the nature of their attacks as they take damage as well. Take away a limb and the enemy will still attack you but it will change its strategy of attack to keep you guessing as you break it into pieces.
3.) Vehicles - I really want to get creative on this one. I want both ground and air vehicles with custom weaponry that can really do some damage.
4.) Chain of Destruction - This literally just came to mind as I was writing this. Since the enemies are purely mechanical in nature I want the shrapnel from explosive damage to be able to damage other enemies around the one you're attacking.  The more enemies you damage with single explosive attacks resulting from shrapnel the more points/$$$/experience you get.

And after writing that all down I think I have a name for my game. Shrapnel! Yay!

Well, that's it for my lunch break at work so I'd better get back to keeping the infrastructure here up and running. Peace!

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